The Effect of the Cheer

A while ago some boffins in tracksuits did an experiment in a sports-lab to see if they could measure the effect of encouragement. They got a group of runners to do their thing on a tread-mill and measured how fast they ran, how far they ran and how quickly they recovered.

A week later those same runners returned to the gym for a second run, only this time they were split into four groups. Some were left to run exactly as they had been before. They others were encouraged and cheered on at intervals of either 30, 60 or 180 seconds.

The runners in the first group who did not receive any encouragement performed pretty much exactly as they had the week before. So did the runners in the group who only received encouragement every 180 seconds. BUT. The runners who were boosted by a friendly and encouraging voice on a regular and consistent basis did way better than in their first run.

Encouragement made them perform better!

What if life works the same? What if the old lady on your street, your kids teacher, a taxi driver, a politician, a spouse all did better and felt better because they were cheered on just for being them?

Let’s find out!…


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