Guerrilla Thank-yous.

I LOVE the spring and have been doing my best to chuck thank-yous at the people who plant and tend the beautiful blooms of the season. Saying thank you is another way of cheering people on, after all!


I had some chalk in my pocket one day (don’t ask) and walked past this gorgeous gateway. I couldn’t resist pointing it out to other passersby. I thought it would wash away quite quickly when it rained, but it’s been particularly dry and now the blossom is gone. Hope the gatekeepers don’t mind too much… And I hope more people enjoyed the blossom because I drew attention to it!


There is a very deliberately planted and well-tended path near where I live full of snowdrops and later other Spring flowers. It’s a spot that has given me heaps of joy so often over the last few years and I suddenly realised it was time I said thank you to the unknown gardeners.
It made my day when I got a little message back!

What do you love that you could say thank you for today?


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