#LoveMK Day

A couple of weeks ago was #LoveMK Day, so we went around delivering doughnuts and balloons to some of our local heroes. Here’s what happened 👇

Keep dreaming, keep doing!

It’s mid-week, the weather is grey and I need a pick-me-up. Check out this brilliant poem and video by some of our heroes, Brad & Kristi Montague of The Montague Workshop. May I encourage you to watch this video about encouragement? Click on the picture below – GO! @thebradmontague on Twitter

Easter Giveaway

Everyone loves an unexpected freebie, so we thought we would spread a bit of Cheer around Milton Keynes with a truck load of Easter Eggs and an empty box! Thanks to our mates at the Foodbank for helping us out with some eggs. You guys are eggsellent.

and this is just the start!

We’ve had such a great few weeks starting up @cheeronmk. We knew MK was full of people and that most of them were probably brilliant, but we didn’t know why, how or what. Now we know of loads of individuals, organisations, groups, businesses, events that are doing amazing stuff all around us! And we’re only just beginning!…